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Original musings from a Christian wife and mother, currently under revision. Some of the original posts were raw reflections on the end of a long marriage and deserve revision!

Though currently being edited, this blog remains open.

Unspoken Sorrow:
Whispers from a Broken Heart 2nd Ed.

There was actually more to the story!

The second edition contains the original content and expands on the aftermath. Healing took time!

Available July 15, 2024

A Crash Course: Preparing for a Catastrophic Event

The workbook based on Unspoken Sorrow is relevant for school bus trainers still. It is currently available in print form only, but will soon be digital.

Print version available now; digital version available July 15, 2024.

Chasing Chickens:
Through the Clucking Chaos

Hilarious, heartfelt stories of how I chased recovery hard - pushing people to give me "the cure" so I could win - and one story about how I surrendered; that's when recovery found me. 

Available August 15, 2024.

Ladybug, Ladybug: Keeping It Classy in a Buggy World

What does it mean to be ladylike in a world that doesn't even value identifying yourself as a woman? Why do we care? 

Find out what it means to act, think, speak, talk, walk, and dress like a lady!

Available September 2024

Peace. Be Still

Do you know how scared the disciples were during the storm? And yet Jesus slept. When their fear summoned him, his words were so powerful.

Peace. Be still. 

So. Let's. 

Devotional Coming Fall 2024

JAK Trak:
The Trainer's Toolkit

A resource built on years of expertise in transportation will bring your department from mere compliance to excellence! A complete resource for trainers which results in well-equipped bus drivers. 

Subscription Available Now

Kari Hoglund Kounkel
writer. blogger. creator. 

I am available to speak to your group. 

The hardest things in life present us with our own editorial opportunities. At each challenge, I chose a semi-colon; the story continues! 

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