coffee with kari

there is, in fact, so much more to this story is my happy little home on the web. Discovering in 2023 that I am actually a wounded introvert in desperate need of a different kind of community, I created this space for myself. Each of my pursuits is highlighted here, with links to draw you deeper into relationship. is a place to dream and build, connect and rest. The site is under development – or rather redevelopment – and I’m excited for my followers to sit in a comfy chair with a cup of coffee and enjoy a little k & k. Listen, I can write in my own quirky language. You may find yourself using a kari-ism or two yourself. I believe your life will be better for it. is home first to my personal collection of recipes that will be growing and growing. I prefer a grain- and sugar-free menu, so that’s most of what I offer. I’ve gained and lost whole-people amounts of weight, so I know food. Enjoy…


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