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Discovering in my fifties that I am actually a wounded introvert living undercover as an overt extrovert, I began a quest to get to know myself in new, creative, and entrepreneurial ways. I created this place here to highlight each of my favorite things. 

I hope to invite others to enjoy some of my favorites. Women, after all, belong in relationship... I sometimes think I was meant for the era of quilting circles and tea parties.

karikounkel.com is a home for dreaming and building, connecting and resting, writing and wondering. The site is under development - or rather redevelopment - and I'm looking forward to sitting in a comfy chair posting stories while visitors snuggle in their own spaces to share the journey.

So, come. Enjoy a little k&k. 

Listen. I can write in my own quirky style. In fact, hang out for awhile, and you may find yourself using a kari-ism or two. I believe your life will be better for it. I know mine is!